The Semac Advantage

The Semac Advantage

Why Us?

  • We work on behalf of the client – as an extension of the client’s office
  • We go beyond written belief
  • We believe in making things happen as against the traditional Observe – Record – Report

What do we Provide?

  • Regular tracking systems, for progress vs. plans
  • Real-time alerts
  • Advanced reporting techniques/dash-board style weekly reports

How do we add value?

  • Sourcing resourceful contractors
  • Good value engineering & cost optimization of project
  • Timely delivery of project without cost/time overrun

Environment, Health & Safety

Pre-Construction Phase

  1. Outline action plans relating to corporate sustainability and risk assessment policy
  2. Outline and define action plan on environment impact assessment (EIA)
  3. Interface project determinants to risks & opportunities at design (R.O.A.D)
  4. Accomplish project risk assessment (PRA) exercise and align mitigation program
  5. Delineate EHS Implementation Plan (EHS IP) for project
  6. Conduct induction of project team and appraise about the acceptable performance indicators for the project
  7. Formulate emergency management plan (EMP)

Construction Phase

  1. Define visual management attributes to the project
  2. Define & deploy performance protocols to the project site
  3. Conduct environment, health & safety audits
  4. Conduct accident investigation & establish corrective action (CA)
  5. Review safe work method statements through job safety analysis.
  6. Facilitate off-site emergency plan
  7. Preside over the implementation of EHS IP including environmental management

Our Clients

Our Clients