Hero Moto Corp Ltd. at Neemrana, (formerly Hero Honda Motors Ltd.)


Total Area:

Total built up area: 10,00,000 Sq.ft.

Scope: ASMP with PMC


Green Roof, Hydroponic System on roof, 8 mtr. High oxygen wall provide, Insulated panels are being used on external to reduce heat load, Big foot units are used to avoid ducting inside and to provide the desired Air Changes, 10’’ high trees are provided on top of roof to enhance the elevation/façade, Multiple colour insulated panels are provided on the front elevation to enhance the façade, PV panels provided to generate electricity for self consumption to avoid minimum power to be taken from govt agency, Continuous strop of roof light provided to reduce the artificial light during day time, Viewing Gallery provided in length of plant for visitors & 25 mtr. High visitor tower provided in Admin Block for viewing the whole plant from top.

Project Cost :INR 3180 Million

Status: 2014Completed