Our Team!

Creative and Enthusiastic

The Chairman

Abhishek Dalmia

Mr. Dalmia belongs to one of the old business families of India. As a patriot, he believes that it is Semac’s responsibility to help in building a more competitive Indian industry. Stemming from his observation that clients interact with multiple stakeholders such as architects, engineers, contractors, project managers, etc. he realized that the process of making a building becomes extremely complex, with time delays and cost escalations.

With this insight, he moved Semac from being a pure design firm to one offering a turnkey solution to clients, with Semac being the single point of contact. We believe in creating an ecosystem of trusted partners, where all parties, suppliers, Semac, and clients are sitting on the same side of the table to deliver the project on time and at optimal cost.

Meet Our Team

The SEMAC Management

These people keeps SEMAC running smoothly. All administrative decisions are made by this team in accordance with the chairman of SEMAC.

Saket Singh

Chief Marketing Officer

Arun Kher

Cheif Operating Officer

Sudhir Iyer

Chief Financial Officer

PR Bhat

Head of International Business