Fire Fighting Services

In the current environment and going forward, the emphasis on safety of occupants working at an establishment, will hold a lot of importance for regulators. Fire protection, as a critical requirement in projects, is a norm which is already well-established in developed countries and the same mindset is being followed in India.

This is especially critical in the major Indian cities where construction clearances can be obtained only after the plans for fire protection are cleared

Semac is among the leading consultants for fire protection services. We are among the few engineering design consultants who have an independent team of specialists focused only on providing fire protection solutions. In addition we believe we are highly differentiated from the market because of: The deep  knowledge of local and international codes & standards – we are seen as a team of experts that both regulators and vendors consult for solutions.

The experience of working on international projects with international architects and international standards.

The optimization of every design with significant value engineering across all dimensions since insurance through fire protection is almost a sunk cost. Being among the only consultants to have a separate commissioning team to ensure optimal system performance and proper integration with third-party services.


Our scope of services covers end-to-end design aspects:

  • Preparing statutory plans
  • Obtaining approvals
  • Preparing coordinated drawings with other Structural and MEP services
  • Commissioning supervision
  • Appropriate selection of fire systems that are approved by leading international or Indian statutory and insurance companies