Electrical / IT Networking

Electrical energy is becoming a major necessity of modern life of an individual and economic development of the country. Unfortunately, in many developing countries including India, there is a persistent shortage of electricity. This is what makes our customers ask for efficient designs that economize the use of electrical energy, minimize the initial investment but meet the necessary requirements of MOEF and/or for LEED certification.

Semac is one of the prime  consultants in the country that design electrical systems that ensure simplicity, reliability, sustainability, minimal environmental impact and are cost effective. We strongly believe in optimizing our designs with our team of expert designers having over 1500 man-years experience. Our expertise encompasses the entire gamut of electrical systems design and includes:

  • Interior & Industrial Lighting
  • Modular MCCs & PCCs
  • Extra High voltage system up to 220kV
  • Emergency Power
  • Protective relay coordination
  • Integrated Building
  • Management System
  • Alternative source of energy Data Centers

To ensure robustness in our design, we use some of the most advanced software across many design aspects. Our primary focus areas include:

System fault level calculation

  • Switchgear and relay coordination
  • Lightning protection
  • Interior & external lighting etc.
  • Passive network design