We take pride in our

Core Purpose

Be a force for good in the world

Semac’s core purpose is being a force for good in the world, we believe in creating a positive impact through our services. Semac’s design policy is about reducing the number of materials we take from Mother Nature. All our designs are built around the concept of reducing material usage, thereby propagating sustainable development. Our value engineering practices make use of the best green practices to ensure that our projects are sustainable.

We have a firm belief in building deep relationships, which runs from the top of the company to the grassroots level. We believe that any company can only be as good as its employees, and at Semac, we have an outstanding selection of capable working professionals. Our 300+ employees across 4 offices work as well functioning, cohesive units, where every employee is taken care of. We ensure that the most conducive working environments are provided to our employees. Our on-site personnel is given priority care. We ensure that all safety rules are strictly followed across all sites, and provide the best safety gear and training to the on-site workers. Given the ongoing global pandemic, all our on-site workers were provided COVID-19 vaccination free of cost on a high-priority basis.

Our legacy of 52 years in delivering client satisfaction is a testament to the excellent quality of our work. Semac has an excellent history of clientele retaining, owing to our strict practice of completing projects on time and providing the best performance while enabling cost-saving measures. Our value engineering practices have not only resulted in making excellent buildings but also helped complete projects with substantial project cost savings. Semac also has a good reputation for being flexible at work. We are always open to client suggestions and can incorporate changes requested by the client across the board. Our excellent teams are robust with their work and can modify designs as desired quickly, keeping in mind the client’s wishes.

Suzuki Motor Corporation wanted to expand their automobile manufacturing facility at Becharaji. Semac was consulted for the project. We were asked to simply replicate the existing design. We refused to blindly copy the existing design and our value engineering was able to reduce the material usage of the original design by a significant margin helping Suzuki Motor Corporation save INR 14cr in structural steel and INR 16cr in concrete for a total saving of INR 30cr across the project.

Semac was the consultant for a 50 acre soft drink processing plant for The Coca-Cola Company, built at Ameenpur, Telangana. Our value engineering helped design the plant to be LEED compliant, earning it a LEED Silver rating. The project was completed in 2019 and the overall saving project cost was close to INR 6.5cr.